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Buy Gravity Sunglasses, Frames and Bags Online in Dubai, Uae

Gravity is a fashion accessory brand introduced in the emerging fashion capital, Dubai, by Infinity International FZC. Gravity promotes a youthful and aspiring image and the products reflect the latest trend accepted and appreciated by the youth of the modern day. Gravity hosts a wide range of eye-wear including sunglasses and frames and also bags. Gravity includes its collection, a variety of elements like fashion, sports, casual, corporate and classy so that there is a wide presentable collection for every need or purpose in both bags and eye-wear

Gravity aims to provide high quality sunglasses, frames and bags, following the latest trend, for a very reasonable sum and further still provide service to the end-user and all of this is effectively reflected in the product's quality, design, prices and the warranty coverage.

The eye-wear range is concentrated towards the current fashion. A vast range of designs enable a wide variety to choose from. The primary range is of male and unisex collection. Gravity eye-wear's superior quality is very evident, for a fact that majority of the collection has polarized lenses, which is the best technology for eye protection and vision clarity, in the optical industry. Polarized lenses are special filtered lenses that remove the glares and unwanted reflections that distort vision. The result is unbelievably clear vision.

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