About Us

Gravity is a fashion accessory brand introduced in the emerging fashion capital, Dubai, by Infinity International FZC. Gravity promotes a youthful and aspiring image and the designs reflect the latest trend accepted and appreciated by the youth of the modern day.

Gravity hosts a wide range of eye wear and bags. Gravity distributes its collection concentration to a variety of elements like fashion, sports, casual, corporate and classy so that there is a wide presentable collection for every need or purpose in both bags and eye wear.


Gravity Philosophy

The materialistic world has shifted to level of deception wherein there is a false satisfaction and ego attached to utilization of brands.

Gravity with its impulse affordability brings focus on the product rather than brand hallucination.

The widespread availability  across various retail setups eliminates a fake luxurious image of the brand and hence its ego.

In the real world, practicality trumps all rationale and Gravity products are designed with the practical usage in mind. It’s  built to last longer than it’s trend.

Gravity aims to provide the best product, following the latest trend, for a very reasonable sum and further still provide service to the end user and all of this is effectively reflected in the product’s quality, design, prices and the warranty coverage


Worthy perspective - Gravity

In this world of materialism, tangibles are always aspired. What seems attractive is aimed for achieving, causing allocation of time and resources, leaving no room of thought for anything unseen. Gravity is a force so immense that holds the world together. A force so intimate that brings the ground to your feet. Yet, a force unseen. An undeniable sign of a Highest Authority to Whom everything falls in submission.








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