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Warranty Details

The collection of Gravity is assembled with materials of high durability, by advanced mechanism, supervised by experienced craftsmen. In a highly unlikely event of a manufacturing defect, a limited warranty is offered of one year from the date of purchase.

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The warranty is valid for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase, against manufacturing defects only, including colour and material defects. 

• The warranty automatically terminates on the expiry of the warranty period, even in the case of the sunglass not being used in the specific period. 

• Free service under the terms of the warranty will be provided only by authorized representatives/dealers of the company/the company. 

• The sunglasses will be repaired or replaced at the company's discretion based on the applicability and nature of defects. 

• The warranty does not cover damage resulting from accidences, mishandling, negligence, tampering, or loss of components. 

• This warranty does not cover any scratches on the lenses due to mishandling and/or improper usage. 

• The warranty card does not cover any specific corrosion which may result due to varying personal characteristics/usage by an individual. 

• The cost of delivery of the defective unit will be decided upon inspection of the piece. 

• This product is not suitable for direct viewing of the sun or for exposure to UV radiation produced by artificial sources. It is not suitable for driving under conditions of poor light or for individuals suffering from defective chromatic perception. 

• In order to validate warranty, the warranty booklet must be signed and stamped by the company along with the date of purchase in the space provided inside the warranty booklet OR accompanied with the retailer's bill completed bill clearly stating the transaction date and the product SKU code. 


• Wear and remove your Gravity sunglasses with both hands to avoid mis-alignment. 

• Clean the sunglasses with the special Gravity microfiber cloth provided. 

• Keep your Gravity sunglasses in the original Gravity case provided when not in use. 

• Get the frames of your sunglass adjusted periodically. 

• Clean the frame of your Gravity sunglasses regularly to avoid corrosion caused by dust, grime, and sweat. 


• Do not use your fingernails or rough fabrics (like wool or denim) to clean the lenses or to remove stubborn stains. 

• Do not leave your sunglasses face down on a table or in heated areas like the dashboard of a car.